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I began my esthetics journey over 13 years ago when my oldest child was suffering with acne. Learning how to create a skincare regimen and formulate skincare treatments for her was exciting and the results of her clear beautiful skin brought us joy!  My education has helped me steer an early path to skin wellness for my youngest daughter who was born with sensitive and inflamed skin. I am in love with skin and enjoy helping my clients transform their lives by helping them improve their skin.

One of the best parts of my job is connecting with my clients and walking next to them on their path into skin wellness. Your skin is visual proof of a healthy lifestyle and great professional at-home skincare products. I believe that progressive skincare as opposed to aggressive skincare yields better results with very little down time. I have found that by using Skin Script I can offer my clients the results they desire even while working with a naturally based clinical skincare line. I have a passion for helping mature women and men obtain a more youthful, healthy appearance and assisting my clients suffering from acne to find relief and clear skin. I love sharing my knowledge  for healthy skin habits that will travel with them for the rest of their lives.

I am serious about continuing my education so that I may offer my clients the very best of our ever-changing industry. I am currently studying to obtain my National Certification in the Esthetics Industry. The N.C.E.A.  is currently the one of highest certifications an esthetician in the USA can obtain. I have taken several courses with well-known makeup artists such as Maurice Stein and  Candace Corey. I am currently attending Esthetician Business Academy with Maxine Drake.  I hold  skincare licenses in both New York and Michigan.

If you are searching for an esthetician who will listen to you, walk down the path to skin wellness with you, and talk to you on a level you can understand, please contact me for a complete consultation!


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