Are These Making you Look Older? Let’s Chat About Them!!

Hello! I am Kathryn of Skin Maven in Owosso, Michigan.  What do I want to talk about today?

In a nutshell: After my business class on Monday August 14th myself and fellow Estheticians were sitting around the table talking about all things esthetics. One subject came up that I feel not many of us Estheticians have in a conversation with our clients.  What are we talking about? Well…some are too big, some are too little. Some are too wide, some are higher than the other. Some are lighter or darker than the other. Some are too long or too short. Some have had HORRIBLE things happen to them. Some of them have NEVER had anything happen to them! Some are natural, some are not. And some just need help! What am I talking about today??

We’re talking EYEBROWS today!

To me it’s not often we sit down and chat with people about the frame that goes to the window of the soul. The window of the soul being the eyes. Eyebrows are so expressive. They can make or break a funny joke. They express our emotions. Surprise and delight and anxiousness. To enhance them is one of the services that I really love to perform.

How many of you knew that I was losing my eyebrows? My eyebrows are falling out! Part of that is my diets in the past, the other is age related.How many of you knew that I colored my eyebrows in? My eyebrows are….pretty much white now! How many of you knew that I filled them in? I have less hair growing in than when I was younger.

Brows are a really sensitive subject for some people because when they see white eyebrows, especially on themselves, they want to pull them out. They use heavily pigmented color sticks to cover everything so they look good and feel better about themselves. And some of us need help because we have just done horrible things to our eyebrows. For instance, over-plucking. Excuse me, tweezing. That is the term we use in my industry.  They may have had a botched wax job. Or they have so butchered them looking in the mirror with  tweezers that it can take months or even up to a year to regrow what was there so that they have a more natural brow shape.

I want to share with you a story about my grandmother. My grandmother is the reason I decided I wasn’t going to allow my brows to go white.  When I was younger and would go visit my grandmother she would say “Katie, can you come here and pull out my white eyebrow hairs? Cindy is at work, and they are driving me crazy.” I did that for her for awhile. Then one day I visited and she asked me the same question. I finally had to tell my grandmother “Grandma, to tell you the truth, if I pull out the white hair, you won’t have any eyebrows left. I think it’s time to pull out the dark ones!”

That was before I became an Esthetician.

Nowadays what I would say to my grandmother is “Grandma, I have a way to help you. I KNOW you don’t like the white eyebrows. I have this amazing product called brow tint. It’s formulated specifically for brow hair. It colors brows better. It’s safer for the skin and for your eyes than the color used on your hair.  It’s regulated by the government. There are only 3 companies approved for use in the United States and I use one of them! I can make you brows appear lighter or darker or blend them in.”

That is what I would say to my grandmother and what we Estheticians would love for you to know. We are here to help you look good and feel better about yourself.  You don’t have to have Andy Rooney eyebrows. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Andy Rooney, but I don’t do Andy Rooney eyebrows! No one needs to suffer with those eyebrows but Andy Rooney!

A brow tinting service usually takes 20 to 30 minutes to create the correct color, application and removal of the brow tinting. Brow tinting can help your day go so much faster. It’s pretty amazing to be able to get up and just put a little powder on my brows, maybe a little concealer under my eyes and maybe eye shadow and call it pretty for the day knowing that my brows look good!

Yesterday I had Estheticians compliment me on my brows. I need help with my brows too! I don’t trim my own brows because frankly, I have butchered my own eyebrows with scissors by cutting holes into them. Pam at Zen and Skin who works with me is amazing!

Any Esthetician who has taken brow tinting certifications can help you! I would recommend brow tinting over micro-bladed brows because I do not know how long micro-blading is going to last, or how long the pigment will stay in the skin. Estheticians are require to have special certifications, carry a tattoo shop license and certification, and take a blood bourne pathogens course. There are many rules and regulations surrounding micro-blading and tattooing makeup, also known as permanent makeup. Microbladed eyebrows WILL fade over time and will require touch ups on a regular basis. It is also a very costly service for something that is  not permanent.

I know you are going to ask me: “So, how long does eyebrow tinting last?” Everyones eyebrows are different. Usually tints can last 3 to 4 weeks and sometimes as long as 8 to 12 weeks. The questions to ask are: “How much time are you spending in the sun? What products are you using on your skin? Do you like to spend a lot of time swimming? How are you taking care of your eyebrows? Are you using a glycolic cleanser? Are you applying any products over your brow hair?” All things to consider when it comes time for having your brows tinted. With light eyebrows I find that the first tint doesn’t last as long because the hair isn’t taking up the color nearly as well as in subsequent tinting. I find that the second application lasst longer than the first. I can usually get a good 8 weeks of tint before I have to re-tint.

Let’s talk brow shape….

I know some of us like really thin brows. Thin brows don’t look good on every face shape. Some like really thick brows. Some like the ombre’ brows that are lighter near the nose and darker on the out sides. The ombre’ brows look good on specific people. Ombre’ brows aren’t my forte, but I am happy to show you how to achieve that look. I love to teach clients how to fill in their eye brows so they feel better about not wearing as much makeup. That little bit of an enhancement can help you feel really good! It can give you a lift, it can make you feel as if you appear a little bit younger! Many times that youthful look is what we are striving for.

I do have a few openings this next week that can accommodate consultations for brow tinting and shaping. Hair removal always accompanies a brow tinting as the tint helps us to see those little fine hairs.

If you have an questions, you can find the answers on my website:, or you can text me at 989.627.1018.

Let’s get you on your brow game!







The Power of Touch


During this month of love, many people feel pressured to remember to hold hands, give hugs, and use touch to demonstrate feelings of love and connection yet in our world today, we have become disconnected from our fellow human beings.

I chose to write this month about hands on healing and touch with intention because it is fact that we all thrive when we have positive interactions with our fellow beings. Feelings of connection sustain our sense of well-being. In fact, research has suggested that this sense of connection is one of three ingredients people need to really thrive in life.

As an Esthetician, I serve many people on a daily basis. When I greet clients at my door, I can often sense if they are having a bad day, feeling rushed and stressed, or needing an ear to listen. In my practice, I consciously use my hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to support and facilitate physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Touch can provide a sensation of connectedness, a feeling of belonging, and the comfort of proximity. This is known as “touch with intention”.

Touch with intention during treatment can facilitate deep slow breathing and feelings of peace, quiet, and safety. Touch with intention promotes relaxation. When your mind calms and your muscles relax, endorphins are released from the brain. Circulation is improved and the increased blood flow elevates oxygen levels throughout the body. This in turn allows nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently, enzymes are built to aid digestion, hormones are regulated, and toxins are released from the body. This allows healthy cells to regenerate and promotes a sense of well-being which then supports healing and regulates the immune system.

Touch with intention allows the empowering, healing, and loving energy from the universe to flow through my hands and often brings great peace to my clients during the treatment encounter.

Call today to schedule your healing experience.

Weeping Beauty


The sky was weeping a heavy stream of tears. Tears of joy, I like to think. This rain might have deterred most brides, but not Marla.  The atmosphere in the house was calm, excited and yes, a little silly. No one seemed concerned that it was raining outside; or that the ceremony was to be held outdoors no matter what the weather!

A little background…

This wasn’t my first experience with Marla and her family. I first met Marla’s oldest sister, Emily, about five years ago to address skin concerns. Emily and I spent a good part of the day chatting and in fact, it wasn’t until our second meeting that we actually did any work on her skin. I quickly came to realize what a special person this woman was. I also learned that she came from a very loving and goofy family, and had a wonderful, loving man in her life.

A few years later, Emily came home from a trip to California where she was supposed to get engaged. What actually happened was a surprise marriage on the beach: her dream  wedding! Several months later she asked me to create her reception day makeup. Knowing how important it was to her to have me involved in this way made my heart sing! It was a lovely day and I had the chance to meet most of her large family.

I decided to give Emily the bridal look she wanted, although I was dubious about her color choices for her eyes: the purples and blues of the ocean. I set about my work with my “magic makeup wand”. I must say, I outdid myself that day! I stood back and gazed at this beauty and knew her color choices were perfect! Sometimes I amaze myself after completing a bridal look. She was beautiful to begin with and was stunning when we finished.

Marla’s wedding day

I was was blessed once again to be asked to wave my “magic makeup wand” to create stunning faces for her lovely younger sister’s wedding day. The bonus was that I had four of my favorite ladies all in one room again!

As I mentioned, it was weeping outside that morning. We were also watching the lightning. I was praying inside that it would stop raining. I was so afraid that Marla’s makeup would run away with the rain! After all, while it may be good luck to have a few sprinkles on your wedding day, no one wants to walk down an outdoor aisle in a downpour!

Marla was a beautiful young bride, and the browns, golds and rose tones Marla requested set off her skin tone perfectly! I loved working with her deep dark brown eyes with shining dark hair to match. Those brown eyes typically hold a hint of a smile no matter what is happening; today it was because she was marrying her love. Better yet, the wedding is set to be outdoors which she loves.

The little house we are working in to get them ready was their sleepover shack the night before. You can just glimpse the ceremony area out the window near my “magic makeup chair.” My friend Sue, the mother of the bride and I chatted about how it was such an effortless morning for a wedding. The bride and her sisters were all talking about how mom and her aunt kept them up giggling: not the bride, mind you, but the mature ladies in the other room.

Working with this wonderful group of women- Sue, Emily, Grace, and Marla- is such a loving, powerful experience. These women are funny, strong, gentle, loving, goofy and wonderful friends. They take each day as a blessing and see the beauty in the rain even though it could have ruined any other bride’s wedding day. It is rare that I witness sisters and mother all completely in tune with the tranquility of the day. It is also rare that I am blessed to work my “magic makeup wand” on all of the women in a family.

The sky truly wept today for the beautiful union that will be created as two very beautiful families become one with a marriage!


First blog post

Thank You for choosing to peruse this blog page! Here you will find over time blogs about my industry, new skincare “gadgets”and treatments I bring into my treatment room, topics that feel important to me, and some video blogs as well! My hope is that you will be entertained, informed, inspired, and most of all…ask me to do even more!

Enjoy, and by all means, please leave me a comment if you enjoyed my ravings!

Beast Regards,   Kathryn

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