About Waxing Services

At Skin Maven, each client is carefully assessed prior to waxing so that the correct wax for the service can be used. Only professional high-quality, gentle wax is used to give you a more comfortable service. A numbing agent is offered before waxing as well as Ouch Balm or Calm Serum to soothe the skin after wax.

Facial Waxing
1st Brow Design                         $18 and up
Brow Upkeep                             $12 and up
Lip                                                 $6
Chin                                              $8
Brow, Lip, Chin                          $25
Neck                                               $10 and up
Cheeks                                          $8 and up
Body Waxing
Under Arms                                 $20 and up
Traditional Bikini                      $20 and up
Extended Bikini                          $35 and up
Brazilian Bikini Upkeep*        $50 and up
1st Time Brazilian with Home Care Kit*$80 and up
Back                                               $50 and up
Chest                                             $35 and up
Stomach                                       $15 and up
Full-arm                                       $20-40
Half-arm                                      $10-35
Hands                                            $5-10
Buttocks                                       $10-30
Feet                                                $5-15

*Brazilian waxing is available for female clients only

Concerns & Caveats
If you are currently shaving, please give yourself about two weeks for the hair to regrow so that you can have a more effective waxing.

Maintaining a regular waxing schedule may result in the regrowth of finer hair at the treated area. This is not permanent hair removal. If your waxing schedule is not maintained this hair will likely revert to its original, pre-waxing thickness.

For the safety of your skin, do not have a waxing service after a sunburn or 24 hours prior to use of a tanning bed or sunbathing.

Some medications and health issues may make waxing uncomfortable or unadvisable…
If you are using products on your skin to treat acne or for resurfacing such as (but not limited to): Retin-A, Renova, Adapelene, Retinol, Hydroxylacid, Epiduo, please be advised that you may not be a viable waxing candidate.

If you are using Accutane, or a generic version, or have been off this medication for less than 4 years, you may not be a viable waxing candidate.


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